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At Hot Paint in Long Beach, California, we update you on the latest details about the various developments in our line of work through our blog. We also upload posts about our previous clients and how their classic cars underwent fantastic transformations with help from our complete restoration and insurance repair services.

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Posted on May 18, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (2)

We have a plethora of projects in our shop and the best way to view photos weekly updates as we upload photos to our Instagram and Facebook accounts 1-2 times per week for our clients to see whats happening on there projects and our many fiollowers can see the accuracy and speed of our process or what cool projects we are working on.

Here is a list of what we are working on all at the same time:

  1. 1942 Chevy Panel complete resto now at stage of placing body on chassis, 
  2. 1967 GT-40 Avenger GT made into Cars Movie, "Lightning McQueen", 
  3. 1960 Corvair slammed complete resto first rounds of sand blasting, cutting out rust, welding in metal and bodywork, once finished, will be in White with Red pearl and Roof will be Red Candy and Red Metalflake!
  4. 1950 Chevy steering column painted n a creamy white for Jim's Custom Rat Fink Chevy, 
  5. Rick Hendrix Sprint Car tail tank repair after a crash at Ventura done in 3 days, 
  6. 1977 Maverick resto and color change from blue to white, 
  7. 1948 Ford pickup truck rusty holey, lol complete resto, entire body removed from chassis and already media blasted within 2 weeks of being here and acid/self etching primered and returned, body now mounted to tables to begin cutting metal and shaping/welding in new metal, 
  8. 1968 Dodge Dart GT rare car at engine builder getting engine/ trans/ rearend installed and soon back to us for final assembly, 
  9. 1934 Ford Cariolet Fiberglass begining chassis clean up of previous fabricator before raising body to get correct ride hieght, body fitment of doors, trunk, hood and roof since it is removable and then body work begins
  10. 2007 Dodge Truck insurance job completed in less than a week....