Hot Paint

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High Quality Restoration of Your Classic Car or Hot Rod

We at Hot Paint specialize in Classic Vehicle Restoration as this IS our focus! We take your rusty vehicle and strip it to bare metal via media blasting or our experienced proven method, cut out rusty metal, cut and shape new metal, weld metal in, do multiple rounds of bodywork, priming, painting/clearing, multiple rounds of wet-sanding from 1000 grit paper all the way to super fine 3000, multiple rounds of polishing and hand rubbing to restoring your vehicle to brand new again! We are not like other shops that take your deposit money and park it out back, 

WE ARE the shop that WORKS ON YOUR CAR and all along the way, we upload pictures throughout the process to Facebook and Instagram sites so you always know whats going on with your vehicle! Click on the Facebook or Instagram icons below to view the many projects we are working on rights now. 

We also do insurance repair quickly as well quicker than any shop we know of and all with highest quality products.

Our clientele is  comprised of referred clients, repeat clients and retired people who want to turn their dream of restoring a car special to them into a reality. What makes us unique is that we work on your car and complete your restoration project quicker than any other traditional body shop. In addition, we put everything in writing so that your entire project is specific to your request. Request a quote by contacting us today at 562-209-1234!