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At Hot Paint in Carson, California, we update you regarding our work through our blog and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We also upload posts about our previous clients and how their classic cars underwent transformations from rust to restored in show quality form...

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To view “Before” and “After” images of our work, visit our Gallery page. For other inquiries, contact us   or call us at: 562-209-1234.

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Posted on May 18, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (5)

We have a plethora of projects in our shop and the best way to view photos weekly updates as we upload photos to our Instagram and Facebook accounts... We send update photos to our clients multiple times per day to keep them apprised of whats happening on there projects and our many followers can see the accuracy and speed of our process or what cool projects we are working on.

Here is a list of what we are working on all as of December 2018- April 2019:

  1. James 1950 Chevy Pickup truck re-working poor labor by previous bodyshop/ complete restoration and painted Ferrari Red/ now wetsanding/polishing and then reassembly DOING REASSEMBLY 1-10-2019 THEN NEED TO STAIN FRESH WOOD BED AND INSTALL
  2. John's 1969 Mustang MachI redoing bodywork, welding in door panels, changing backend to a Shelby, complete resto in Titanium, finish reassembly this week DELIVERED TO HAPPY CLIENT!
  3. 1964 Lincoln continental that we were contracted to purchase, do LS1 swap, Restore body and chrome, cut in half and stretch into a limo and then repaint in a Fooselike two-tone, BMW Aspen silver roof and Black diamond peral sides with european clear of course. Very cool and very custom build but with class....DELIVERED TO HAPPY CLIENT! MORE WORK PLANNED TO SERVICE VEHICLE DRIVETRAIN
  4. Stan's 1964 Studebaker Avanti to back mask car and prep, primer and paint under carriage in Matte Black and detail repair and paint under hood and engine items as needed, CLIENT BRINGING 1965 CORVAIR FOR RUST MINOR REPAIR FIRST, WE'LL CUT OUT METAL, WELD SOME IN DO REPAIR, PAINT BLEND BRIGHT SILVER, CLEAR WET SAND AND POLISH AREA...
  5. 1999 Acura Race Car for Irwindale painted to look like vDale Earnhardt's Red # 8 Busdweiser car, done and raced 3 times best finish 16th in qualifying and race Dec1st. This Racecar is done andwe built a second car FABULOUS LIGHTNING MCQUEEN FROM CARS 3 MOVIE IN BLUE. Already racing it at IRWINDALE in NASCAR Whelen Enduro series...Raced it 4 times already challenges every night out but now we think we got it figured out and with a little luck should do well...
  6. 2001 Chevy Dually replaced right rear quarter panel, minor bodywork, custom color change to Victory Red and House of KOLOR Chameleon FX Pearl.
  7. Santiago's 1966 Dodge Dart near completeion of full restoration, stripped trim, windows and dash, pulled engine and transmission, wrapped up the rest to protect and off to media blasting, cut out rust, welded in new trunk and floors, welded beltline holes shut from chrome trim delete etc.completed multiple rounds of bodywork and priming, Painted in a beautiful Lucerne Blue and cleared. Soon we will be wetsanding with 1000, 1500, 2000,2500, 3000 sandpaper and polishing, buiffing and hand rubbing it with glaze!
  8. Karl's1965 T-Bird Insurance repair , completed in record time  and delivered to happy client!
  9. John's 1970 VW Bus, Insurance job that turned into him wanting us to do a complete, delivered quickly within 2-3 weeks to happy client!
  10. 1967 Camaro repeat client was at another shop, we have already complete restoration, painted original blue metalic,clear, wetsanded and polished, currently at suspension shop and rearend sent out to rejuvenate, then back to us for bumble bee white stripe in front, wet sand and polished and completed final assembly and alignment of body panels, shell was at Hotchkiss suspension getting first of its kind new suspension built by them... We backmasked for bumblebee stripe and shot Ermine white and loads of clear, wetsanded, polished, buffed handrubbed with glaze and delivered to happy client!
  11. Same client brought back 1996 Impala SS for touchups etc. and we are delivering it today looking amazing and it reflects like crazy!!!
  12. 1966 Sunbean Alpine right hand drive convertible
  13. 1932 Hot Rod, Previously at not 1 but 32 Oronage County High-end body shops and both did not live up to there words and deliver car to client in unfinished incomplete with many mistakes from start to finish so he is contratcting us to do it one last time and this time in a red bas with House Of KOLOR FX pearl and NEW product, European clear!!!